Shvaveymetal Industries LTD

Precise machining

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Shvaveymetal which has the highest technology, is specialized in precision machining in C.N.C and conventional.
The factory was established in 1992. Located in a building of 2000 square meters built on a plot of 4000 square meters And employs 60 workers.

The factory manager and owner is Yitzhak Deri, who specializes in the operation of the machines in the factory. He has extensive knowledge in the field of mechanics, and the practical technology and processing of metals and materials of all kinds.
In addition, it can advise and solve problems at a high level and according to customer needs.
Our factory is certified by the Standards Institute for AS9100D – a standard for the aviation and aerospace industry based on ISO 9001 quality management system requirements
The production system is managed by a computerized ERP system.

The company specializes in the following sanctions:
• Production department models and prototypes
• Serial production line
• Mechanical and mechanical-mechanical trains
• Pressure tests
All of the above functions are accompanied by a computerized system of the company with a logistic system of purchasing and subcontracting We give the customer quality service and efficiency all under one roof!

This year, we acquired the “Holder-Wiring” company for the purpose of wiring and electronic boxes, the company that has the authority to work for welding and wiring standards: IPC-620, IPC-610.
Checking the performance quality.

Performing high-level work, longstanding reputation in working with security and civil aviation companies such as Boeing.
The company owns a plant for complementary processes, in order to enable the Company to provide a comprehensive and comprehensive solution for its customers.
The plant’s capabilities provide a complete turn-key solution.